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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Trashed Bar Room

The previous tenants of this restaurant left the bar area in complete disarray. SERVPRO was called in to clean up the mess, and get the space ready to be lease... READ MORE

Soot Damage Cleanup

This Fairfield business suffered from a fire caused by faulty wiring. SERVPRO of Westport Fairfield worked around the clock to remediate the problem, so that bu... READ MORE

Ceiling Cleaning

Years and years of smoking and fireplace use stained this ceiling, detracting from it's once-white glow. SERVPRO cleaned the ceiling and surrounding area, rest... READ MORE

Floor Cleaning

Years of foot traffic, and poor maintenance in this Fairfield restaurant led to food debris and other waste building up over time. SERVPRO of Westport Fairfiel... READ MORE

Dry Ice Blasting

This is a local sidewalk that we dry ice blasted to remove years of discoloration and debris. Both we and the customer were very excited about the results. Ther... READ MORE

Vent Cleaning in Commercial Building

We also clean vents and HVAC air ducts. We cleaned the whole system in this commercial building. We removed many years of built-up dust. There's never a conveni... READ MORE

Mold In An Office Building

Residual dampness caused mold to grow out of control in the basement of a large office building. The mold was cleaned, the space was dried out, and all the fur... READ MORE

Basement Fire

This basement was affected by a fire. SERVPRO cleaned out all the debris and restored the room to its previous state. The customer was very happy with the res... READ MORE

Apartment Fire

This unit in a large building suffered extensive damage as a result of a kitchen fire. Our crews did an amazing job cleaning and reconstructing the apartment. ... READ MORE

Basement Fire #2

Another basement fire strikes! The first photo shows the destruction, and the second shows the new ceiling being installed. After remediation of damage is fin... READ MORE

Moldy Basement

This homeowner found mold in their basement and called SERVPRO in to fix the issue. In the second picture, you can see how the bottom portion of the floor is c... READ MORE

Mold In A School

This black mold was found at the end of one of the hallways. In the second image, you can see how well SERVPRO cleaned the surface as well as addressed the sou... READ MORE

Mold Under Carpet

Advanced mold was found underneath carpeting in a building. We were able to identify the source of the mold, and clean the floor. The carpet added a nice touc... READ MORE

Mold In Ceiling

Mold was found in the ceiling at this home. The first picture shows the ceiling drywall with mold on it. The second image shows the clean room after restoratio... READ MORE

Tree Causes Roof Damage

When a tree fell on the roof at this home, SERVPRO was called in to fix both the damage to the roof and to the ceiling. Whether your Fairfield County home has e... READ MORE

Water In Ceiling

After a large rainstorm, this customer noticed their ceiling sagging with water bubbles. Once the leak was fixed, the water was dried out. Whether your Fairfie... READ MORE

Water Leak in Office Building

A storm caused this building to have minor flooding on a couple floors. You can see our fans at work. You can also see the water damage is no longer present. ... READ MORE

Water Seeping Into Business

This customer called complaining about water seeping in from the walls at their business. We set fans to dry out the excess water and had them back to business... READ MORE

Water Damage At High School

This local high school had a burst pipe that spewed water for hours before anyone noticed. You can see how much water is on the floor. There's never a convenie... READ MORE

Office Building Pipe

This pipe burst in the basement of an apartment building. Unfortunately, the pipe froze, which led to the rupture occurring. Water spewed out onto the wall and... READ MORE

Soot Damage In A Basement

After a fire, dealing with the damage is an enormous undertaking. This is why you need to contact the experts at SERVPRO of Westport Fairfield for assistance. O... READ MORE

Contents Restoration After A Fire

When a fire, or any fire-related issue affects your home or commercial building, some of the structure may be damaged. In many cases, though, only the internal... READ MORE

Black Mold In The Attic

This customer found black mold in their attic after not using it for months. They went to store some belongings, and found this horrendous amount of mold growi... READ MORE

Wind Causes Water Damage

A recent storm with high speed winds turned one customer’s living room into a disaster. When the person was not home, a gust of wind shattered a window, ... READ MORE

When Water Gets In The Walls

This is an example of why it is prudent to get your gutters cleaned regularly. Because there was too much debris in the gutter system, rainwater overflowed and... READ MORE

Flooding Caused By Rainwater

Recently, with the increase in heavy rainfall, basements are at the mercy of the elements if not properly designed. In this case, the amount of groundwater tha... READ MORE

New Hardwood Floor

Excess rainwater led to the ground floor of this home being flooded. The hardwood floor was already warping as we sucked out the water. Sometimes when we arriv... READ MORE

Basement Fireplace

The basement in this house flooded when excess rainfall causes water levels to rise. When we arrived, the water was roughly three inches deep. Our crew acted ... READ MORE

Leaky Roof

A leaky roof and homeowners on vacation made the perfect recipe for what happened here. After a heavy rain storm, water poured into the living room and soaked t... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen

This family had a second kitchen set up in their finished basement, but it was ruined when a small fire broke out in an upstairs room. The fire department put ... READ MORE

Mold in Kitchen Ceiling

When the family in this home smelled a musty odor in their kitchen, they got a mold test done. When the test came back positive for mold, they called our team ... READ MORE

Kitchen Cave-in

A burst pipe in the ceiling caused the material to become waterlogged. The roof caved in on the kitchen and living room of this small home. This ruined not on... READ MORE

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