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Stay Healthy During The Winter

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Although this season is marked by jolly and wonder, there are some aspects that can burden some, either temporarily or over time. Here are some winter health tips that will keep you happy and healthy so that you can truly enjoy the holiday season in all of its glory.


  • Healthy Eating

After Thanksgiving’s kickstart, it is a common temptation to fall into the habit of eating a surplus of sugary, fattening comfort food. However the over indulging might make you start to feel like a part of the Clause family.

To stay on track with healthy eating, push aside those unhealthy comfort foods and make a substitution for something nutritious and tasty. A craving among most is food that is warm and savory due to the bitter cold outside. Most would be quick to grab a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, but those may not be the healthiest choice. Soups or stews can satisfy that urge for warmth and flavor while benefitting you with a healthy variety of vegetables and protein. Sweet potatoes offer both savory and sweet food packed with good fats and are very filling. Pairing these foods with dark leafy greens and fresh fruit will create a perfect balance to keep you healthy this winter.

  • Exercise

Although winter deems it perfect weather for hibernation, staying indoors and sleeping beneath blankets all day won’t benefit our health. Get yourself motivated with some upbeat music and get into the swing of a revised workout routine. It obviously can be much more challenging if you are used to doing all of your workouts outside but if you happen to have a gym membership or an open space inside your home, you can quickly develop a newfound workout plan to keep conditioned over the next few chilly months.

Make sure to stretch and warm up before your workout. Since the temperature is so low, it takes more time for your joints and muscles to become ready for exercise. Also of great importance when exercising is to stay hydrated. Drink as much water as you can to keep your body a well oiled machine.

  • Keeping The Flu At Bay

During the winter, germs are flying left and right from those who already fell vulnerable to the common cold. From airborne germs from coughs and sneezes to hand to hand contact, there are many easy ways for you to catch these bugs too. To keep from getting ill it is very important to boost your immune system. Be sure to get proper vitamin intake either from supplements or healthy fruits and veggies. Vitamin C is especially helpful during the cold and flu season because it helps strengthen the immune system to fight of viruses and bacteria.

Stress can also be a major contributor of susceptibility to illness. Make sure you limit the stress of your day to day life through different tactics such as deep breathing or even meditation. Be sure to get proper hours of sleep as well to keep your immune system healthy and stress levels low.

On top of these factors it is also very important to keep the surfaces in your home clean and to always wash your hands after going to the bathroom or touching something that may be in contact with multiple people, such as a door handle or stair railing. This will further limit your chances of becoming sick with the common cold or something worse.

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